"How To" use the Genealogy Web Site (Cont.)

What information is there and where do I find the information for each individual?


This is an example of a person that has several different features on the individual screen.   Scroll down or click "Screen Components" for the specifics of each screen.




This section of the screen is where you can select the type of information you want by clicking on one of the tabs.  The above screen displayed because the "Individual" tab was highlighted.  The "Ancestor", "Descendants", etc. tabs will allows to view the various charts that are in section 1.0

The menu options below the "Individual" tab allows you to look at all or selected areas of the individual screen.






The information in this section of the screen is as follows:

       Birth:  The birth date and place of birth will print if they have been entered.  If neither exist this line will not print.

Christened:  The date and place of being Christened.  In this example the date wasn't entered but the place was.

 Education:  This is one of many "Events" that you can enter for each person.  Other "Events" are Military beginning

                  and end, Occupation, and Hobbies.

         Died: This is the death date and place of death.  If there is other information associated with the death of the

                   individual it will be printed in this section.

       Buried: This will be the date and place of burial. 

 Person ID:  This is the ID # assigned to this person by this software. The "Rausch/LeBrun Trees" is the tree 

                   associated with this individual.


You can click on any of the hyperlinks (They are word(s)) with an underline and they will take you to another screen.



This section displays who the father and mother were of the individual.  If this information has not been entered this section will not be displayed.  The "Relationship" section is to specify if the person is related by birth, adopted, or foster.  The "Family ID" button is specific to the parents and siblings of the individual.


This section displays information about the individuals family.  If the information is available it will display the spouse, date married, place of marriage, date divorced, and children information.  In this example there is also a picture attached to the family group. 

The "Last Modified" row will show the last modified date.  The "Edit" button will open another screen allowing users with permission to make changes to the information for this family group.

The "Family ID" row will show the unique number assigned to this family group.  The "Group Sheet" will open the "Group Sheet" page.


The following sections display any photos or documents that have specific information about the individual.  You can click on the hyperlinks to look at a larger view of the pictures.

The Notes row is specific to the individual and are entered under the "People" entry screen.

The sources are individuals who provided the information.  In this example there are four rows, showing the source, reiliability (on a scale of 0 - 3, 3 is the highest). and the date the information was entered or date the source was published or created.

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