"How To" use the Genealogy Web Site (Cont.)

Administration Screen:

You need to access the "Administration Screen" to add Sources, Events, Cemeteries, Headstones, Etc.  To access the Administration Screen click the "drop down" box in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page and select "Administration" from the list.




The Administration Screen will appear as follows:


How do I add an event code? - Click on the "Custom Event Types" button on the administration screen to add or modify an Event code.  The screen that will appear  is as follows:

Add New Event Type

 To add a new Event Type for an individual person, click For Individuals. To add a new Event Type for a family, click For Families. To add a new Event Type for a source, click For Sources.

 Modify Existing Event Type

 This section will allow you to modify or delete an existing Event Type.

 Locate the line in the table that describes the Event Type you wish to modify. Next, click on one of the possible actions listed at the left of that line. To change some or all of the information regarding this Event Type, choose Edit. To permanently remove the record of this Event Type, choose Delete. NOTE: Choosing Delete will also cause events of this type already in the database to not display.

 New / Existing Individual/Family/Source Event Type Information

 Required fields: You must select or enter a GEDCOM "tag" for your event. If you choose "EVEN" (generic custom event) for your Tag, you must also enter a Type/Description. If you do not choose EVEN as your Tag, you must leave the Type/Description field blank. You must also enter a Display string.

 Tag: This is a 3 or 4 character abbreviation (all uppercase) or mnemonic code. Many common non-standard event types are listed in the Tag select box. If you do not see your tag here, enter it in the box directly beneath. If you select a tag from the list AND enter one in the box, the tag you entered in the box will be accepted and the tag selected from the list will be ignored.

 Type/Description: This should match the "Type" output by your PC/Mac genealogy program for this event type. NOTE: This should ONLY be filled in if you choose "EVEN" for your tag. For all other tags, this should be left blank.

 Display: This will appear in the column to the left of the event data when it is displayed for public viewing. If you have set up multiple languages, you will be prompted to enter a translation for each language.

 On Import: To accept imported data corresponding to this type, select Accept. To reject data corresponding to this type and cause it to not be imported, choose Ignore.

 Delete Selected / Accept Selected / Ignore Selected

 To delete or flag multiple event types at once, check the box for each selected event type under Action and click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.


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