"How To" use the Genealogy Web Site (Cont.)

What information is there and where do I find the information for each Family?

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Before you can view family information you will first have to search for an individual.  After you have selected the individual the following page will appear.  Click on the "Group Sheet" hyperlink.  In the example below there are two "Group Sheet" hyperlinks.  The first is for the Father and Mother of the individual and second is for the individuals family.







The Group Family Page will will show information for each member of the family.  If you have the ability to edit information you can click on the "Edit" tab to make changes to the family information or you can click on the "Edit" hyperlinks to make changes to the individual.  If the individual has their own file you can open the family group for them by clicking on the Family number beside their spouse name.  You can click on name for any individual to review the "Individual Page".

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